Amazing shows have amazing personalities. If you think you could be the next great host or participant, here is that we are currently casting for:
Looking for a spooky acting experience?

Are you looking for some spooky acting experience? Paranormal Survivor is casting actors for its third season of filming! Paranormal Survivor is a docudrama that chronicles people’s real-life experiences with unexplained phenomena or otherwise paranormal activity. The series is currently airing on Travel and Escape in Canada, and Destination America in the US. If you are a non-union actor looking to be apart of this project, we want to hear from you!

Beautiful Barn Conversion Homes

Have you embarked on the journey of taking an old barn and converting it into a beautiful home for yourself? Did you take a chance on a dilapidated barn, farm house or old school to fulfill your dream of having a one of a kind home? We want to hear from you!
Our House Media is now casting ambitious people who took a chance on an old barn to turn it into a gorgeous jaw dropping home! In our new series, we are showcasing unique conversion homes, the history behind them and the creative people who gave it their all to live in a non-conventional home!
We cant wait to hear from you and see your home!

Are you a 'Twofer’?

Have you sold your current primary home to purchase a smaller home AND a vacation home? Have you decided that living in one big house isn’t as thrilling as having two?
We want to share your unique housing journey!
We are now casting families who have decided to go down the two for one route. A new trend is taking over the real estate world where “Twofers” are putting their happiness first and selling their bigger family homes for a smaller primary home AND a vacation home. Two homes for the price of one!
If you’ve headed down the “Twofer” road, we want to hear from you!

Property Series

As producers with a reputation for creating some of the top Real Estate and Renovation shows in North America, we are always on the look out for new talent.
Realtors: Are you a top agent? Do you sell unique and interesting properties? Do you belong to an exciting brokerage?
Reno Experts: Are you a Contractor, Designer or Tradesperson who works on interesting projects? Do you have a different style and approach? Are you part of a team that tackles unique builds?
…If so, we want to hear from you.
Please send us some brief information, a photo and, if possible, a short 2-3 minute video.

Food Talent

Are you passionate, larger-than-life and all about food? If so, let us know. From Home Cooks to top Chefs, we are always on the hunt for new talent in the kitchen… Or on the street… That’s right, you may be a food hunter, always on the search for the latest, greatest, or weirdest tastes.
Let us know what your ultimate dish is and why. And please send along some brief info on what you do, a photo and, if possible, a short 2-3 minute video.

General Casting

Have you got what it takes for TV? Got a cool, interesting or extreme job? Or a unique pastime or passion? Or maybe you have a big event coming up soon? We want to know!
For your shot at being on TV, please let us know more about you and your exciting life, along with sending a photo and, if possible, a short 2-3 minute video.